Pressure Dub

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  1. Kazizilkree Reply
    That's that first noise, that first heart sound. In fact, sometimes people don't even call it lub dub. They say, well, it's the first heart sound. And to make that even shorter, sometimes people call that S1. So if you hear S1, you know they're talking about that same exact thing. And this dub is .
  2. Datilar Reply
    Feb 22,  · DUB IN THE RAINFOREST 4 - Part 1. I Grade Dub feat. Pressure, Midnite, Ras Batch, Ancient King, Lava - Duration: igraderecords 1,, views.
  3. Dout Reply
    May 09,  · O.B.F ft. CHARLIE P - SIXTEEN TONS OF PRESSURE /// OBFREC Directed by Fabio Manozzi Thx to all for the support and helping hand From Barcelona Family daddy Sev and all the crew! And big up to.
  4. Nirisar Reply
    British UK label that began in mid's as a subsidiary of Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound label run by Pete Holdsworth. Now it is its own self-supporting entity. Its primary purpose is to restore, re-master, compile, and re-issue classic reggae tracks along with an in-depth story of the artist. However, it is not completely a re-issue label.
  5. Mugrel Reply
    Feb 14,  · Whereas diastolic pressure as “dub.” When combined the heart produces a “lub-dub sound.” Systolic pressure denotes the maximum pressure along the blood vessels when the heart is contracting, whereas diastolic pressure indicates the minimum pressure along the blood vessels when the heart is relaxed.
  6. Akinojas Reply
    "Pressure Dub": beautiful floating dubby megadeep-house wandering, with seemingly random pads, echoes, liquid voice snippets bursting in and fading out Like a cosmic jam-session, this could be an electronic dance music equivalent to jazz (in spirit) as improvised music around a loose but harmonious structure.

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