Freedom For All Forever

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  1. Taulrajas Reply
    Chorus 1Let the call go forth through the whole wide world, Freedom for all forever! Over land and over sea Peace and lasting Liberty! Pray, pray for the Allied lands! Aid, aid with your heart and hands; Fight, fight till your proud flag stands for "Freedom for all forever."Author: B. C Hilliam.
  2. Goltitaxe Reply
    Doore, R. N. () For freedom for all and forever floats the flag of the U.S.A.
  3. Shazilkree Reply
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  4. Dajin Reply
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  5. Shajar Reply
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  6. Arale Reply
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  7. Mesar Reply
    freedom for all and forever, that’s the slogan of Uncle Sam’s, let each nation be free, let each have liberty, we’ll give a great big helping hand to ev’ry land, and rulers like Kaiser Bill should all be laid away, give all the people freedom with their right to do and say, then each land would be a grand land like this good old U.S.A., with freedom for all and forever.
  8. Zolojin Reply
    Freedom for All Forever. [, monographic. Bertha H. Dible,, San Diego, Cal.: ] Notated Music. Retrieved from the Library of Congress.

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