On The Corner - Bassman - Minimal Distraction (CD, Album)

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  1. JoJogami Reply
    How Fender's invention of the Precision Bass led to one of its greatest amps.
  2. Gusar Reply
    I don't use the bright channel. Feedback is a product of where I'm setup and the stage. For MY bassman, around is as far as I can normally go in a good setting. "normalized the EQ for the tornado speakers" I don't recall that can you point me to the video title and time code I'll take a listen. I set the bias somewhere between 32 and
  3. Tygorn Reply
    Aug 30,  · Using the Bassman 50, this combination has a nice sound, with a little more bottom than the Bassman Ten, yet still tight and clear. I’m hoping that this latest rig will be a good compromise between the big, bassy Eden 15” cab and the Bassman Ten’s undersized box, providing good note definition but enough bottom to sound like a bass.
  4. Vushura Reply
    Jul 19,  · Downloaded songs will work perfectly on any PC, DVD player, PDA etc. Bassman - Minimal Distraction - click here Posted by Music mp3 site at PM 0 .
  5. Faurg Reply
    Feb 21,  · A question about miking a vintage 4 x 12 Fender Bassman cabinet (I believe it's called a pyramid derteforcioucarbuetalejefanmope.coinfo why) Typically it's used with a removabl.
  6. Danris Reply
    Jun 28,  · Yep, this is completely normal. I mentioned it a few posts above, but with the vignetting being present in every corner at the same magnitude, the symmetry of it lends itself to being much less of a distraction. I don’t even see it anymore and I’ve only .
  7. Mikalmaran Reply
    Jun 27,  · Bad boy that a me, no that a Bassman, True bad boy, that a true champion, Talk pon the mike, You know we talk babylon, Fly girl backshot, Lie down instead, Bassman him a bad boy, boot off your head, Bassman him a talkin, tottally dreaaaad, *a bit later in the night* Ding ding ding dong, That are the song, Bassman him a talkin, talk babylon.
  8. Tygot Reply
    Bassman Micro Amplifier. Design. I'm a big fan of the 's Fender tweed amps and the 5F6A Bassman is a legendary amp that was copied by Marshall and became the foundation of that company's amp lineup. I built a 5F6A head amp and it's the sweetest sounding amp I've ever heard so I decided to design a Micro version of The Bassman.I used an almost exact copy of the Bassman's Bright Hi .

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